Sarah Young

Sarah   Young
Awesome teen author!

I just finished my sophomore year at Wellesley College but I'm originally from Syracuse. My mom is a librarian there and she and my dad (an avid reader) inspired me from a young age to read and eventually to write. I write poetry, articles for a few online organizations, and of course novels! My first novel, Nice Jewish Boys, came out in August!

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Nice Jewish Boys

Nice Jewish Boys
Realistic Fiction, 978-1684310678
Recommended for teens

Avishai Miller is your typical kid. Except that his mother is dead, he barely speaks to his father, and he's secretly dating Noah, a male classmate at his Jewish private school. Then their relationship is discovered, everything they know changes, leaving them struggling to find their feet in a new, unwelcoming reality.


  • I have a dog named Abigail Adams
  • I'm majoring in Spanish and religion
  • I saw Hamilton on Broadway a week before it officially opened
  • I am a copy editor for the Wellesley College News
  • I have a signed book by Alison Bechdel