Nick Podehl

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When you said we were going to be treated like rock stars, you weren't kidding. I think it is amazing that you have such a base of kids and teens there that love books as much as they do. The number of fanatic young people we saw there, who were so excited about the opportunity to be in a fun filled place with so many others who loved books as much as they do and to be with the people who make those books possible, was just spectacular! It gives me hope for the future generation that they are not all iPhone and video game zombies. TBF was such a great chance for these teens to get to see first hand just how cool and fun reading can be. My session in particular was great to see how many young boys there are who are reading as they are a group who is largely un-targeted by authors. This too, gives me hope for the next generation of young men. Nick Podehl

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