Shari Maurer

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TBF is an amazing phenomenon. Thousands of readers get together to celebrate reading at a level usually reserved for sports teams. It's important that these kids are able to be with like-minded teens and have an outlet for their joy in reading. The teens get access to some of their favorite authors and a chance to meet new ones and the authors get the chance to talk to their readers face to face. The 27 author Q&A was a fun way for the teens to get an overview of the authors that were there. The panel sessions offered a more intimate opportunity for the teens to hear more about writing, books and the issues of the day. Other library systems will want to emulate this event. As a newer author, I had the opportunity to learn from the more seasoned veterans as well as to soak in the love that these teens had for reading. I also treasured meeting all of the librarians that made this event happen. We were treated like rock stars, both by the staff and the kids. I was glowing for the entire week after I got home. I hope I can be a part of TBF in the future. Shari Maurer

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