Torrey Maldonado

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You know those lists that offer 101 or more words to state ...? You'd need one of those lists and to use every word from A all the way to Z to capture the perfection that is TBF. AND IT STILL WOULDN'T BE ENOUGH. TBF is a dream! While I was there, I kept thinking and saying, "This is the BEST book festival ever", then I'd turn and overhear authors, two or three persons left and right of me, saying the same thing. The sensational rock-star concert-like mass of thousands of frenzied celebrants of literacy which included enthusiastic authors, teens, librarians, teachers, caregivers, and volunteers is the result of the passion, dedication, preparation, execution, and integrity of the entire TBF team. If Oprah Winfrey discovered the magic that is TBF Live, she might completely pay for every TBF from now on! Torrey Maldonado

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