Beth Fantaskey

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As an author who writes for young adults, I’ve been to quite a few events aimed at teen readers, but the Rochester Teen Book Festival stands head and shoulders above the rest.  It’s difficult to describe the high energy that the organizers manage to generate among both writers and readers.  Most important – at least in my opinion – is the way the festival makes readers the stars, right along with the authors.  Every effort is made to maximize the connection between teens and authors, so very, very few moments pass without a young person getting a chance to spend quality time with a writer, and vice versa.  Contrary to what some naysayers think, young people do still read books – and the Rochester Teen Book Festival gives them a chance to get together and express their enthusiasm for the written word loudly and with passion, among like-minded teens.  It’s a reminder that reading is fun and relevant.  I would return in a heartbeat, and highly recommend the festival to other authors as well as anybody – young or old – who wants to get psyched up about books and reading in a dynamic atmosphere. Beth Fantaskey

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