Brent Crawford

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I would love to come back to TBF, of course as a presenting author, but more so as a teen!  I want a time machine and the ability to attend TBF!  I would die to meet all of these insane authors and have my mind blown, for free!  As a kid i thought reading was lame and something you were forced to do.  Perhaps if I'd been presented with all of these types of literature and their actual creators, it might have flipped into this incredibly fun thing that would have rippled through every aspect of my life... for the rest of my life!  Maybe I wouldn't be such a slow-ass reader today... maybe I wouldn't be such a dumb-ass.  It's a bit of a stretch, but i think it's possible.  I got to meet a local Kansas City, AM radio DJ when i was 16 and i swear it cracked my head wide open... imagine what 30 authors would have done? Brent Crawford

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