Svetlana Chmakova

No photo available of Svetlana  Chmakova
Stephanie, we had SUCH an amazing time, I can’t even tell you.  Words feel so inadequate and dull when It ry to think of how to express this warm glow I feel whenever I think about TBF and especially this last one.  I mean, the marching band and the bus and the Artisan workspace alone are singularly amazing experiences that I never would’ve had were it not for TBF.  But what completely bowls me over is the love and care I feel in every little thing at the festival, the care YOU and the rest of the team have put in there.  It’s this really strong presence of Awesome that I enter whenever I come to TBF, and it’s only getting more and more powerful as time goes on.  My heart belongs to TBF and I will always be saving the date for it.  Thank you so much for creating such an amazing space and time for creators to gather!! *HUGS* Svetlana Chmakova

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