Morgan Baden

Morgan  Baden

Morgan is an author, ghostwriter, and communications expert, with 15 years’ experience in corporate and internal communications, social media, storytelling, crisis communications, and corporate strategy. After ghostwriting several bestselling novels, her debut novel, THE HIVE, co-written with her husband (bestselling author Barry Lyga), was named a Best Book of Fall 2019 by PEOPLE Magazine!

Before becoming a full-time writer and consultant, Morgan led social media and internal communications for the world’s largest children’s book publisher and distributor, overseeing internal communications and social media for iconic and beloved children’s brands. She also taught social media marketing at New York University. Previously, she managed internal communications and events for an international news organization and financial services brand, traveling the world to uncover the firm’s internal stories and creating content for its 20,000 employees.

She graduated from The College of New Jersey (magna cum laude, English, Women’s & Gender Studies) and now resides in Maplewood, NJ, with her family. She and her husband host Writing in Real Life, a podcast series about writing, parenting, and books.

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The Hive

The Hive
Dystopia, 9781525300601
Recommended for teens

It's the near future -- the day after tomorrow -- and the government has shut down online bullying once and for all. With BLINQ, its new social media platform, users can "like" or "share," but they can also "condemn" posts -- and if condemns reach a certain level, users can exact punishment from the original poster in real life. No more anonymous trolling! Instead... hive justice. Seventeen-year-old Cassie McKinney is angry at everything. She's just lost her beloved father, a cult hero in the hacking world. She's been uprooted to a new apartment and -- worse -- a new school. Cassie is barely enduring senior year when she's drawn into a powerful group of girls and their effort to make their posts go viral. Cassie's just trying to be funny when she posts a cutting BLINQ. But when that BLINQ goes viral in all the worst ways, she becomes the target of a furious mob. Abandoned by her friends, betrayed by the system, and bristling at the injustice of it all, Cassie goes on the run. In the shadows, she finds people to help her hide. If she wants to clear her name, though, she will have to work with them to unravel a conspiracy beyond her imagination.