For Your Library or Classroom

Whether you want to promote TBF to your students and faculty, highlight the books you have in your collection, or are looking for ways to entice readers to pick up these great titles, you’ve come to the right place for resources galore!

Visit our TBF Blog for author interviews, contests, and reviews of TBF books. Get to know your TBF bloggers, led by Miranda and Elizabeth.

We know you probably don’t have time to read every book by every TBF author, so we asked all the authors to share their personal suggestions. Let them tell you which of their titles you ought to read here. If you want to see an extensive list of the titles by all the authors, see the TBF Book List under “Additional Resources” below for titles available for purchase.

Once you’ve purchased the books, you’ll want to call attention to the TBF titles in your collection. Print out the book spine labels and stick them on your books to make them easy to locate.

The Book Fest brochure will help to keep track of the authors you want to meet. You won’t forget when TBF is happening if you print the “Save the Date” bookmark.

Want TBF posters to tell everyone about the date of Teen Book Fest and where it is being held? There are two different sizes to use, one that will fit on a letter-size piece of paper and if you have larger paper (11 inches by 17 inches), there’s a bigger poster that will grab everyone’s attention.

Maybe you’d like to make a display of all the authors who are visiting. A poster for each author who is attending is available as a download. See below under “This Year’s Authors and Books.” Attendees may also want to bring posters they have printed so they can have them autographed at the end of the Teen Book Fest.

Visit our Schedule tab to find out what times and where the TBF authors will be presenting at Nazareth College. Need a campus map to plan your route to the various locations on campus? You’ll find one here.

Be certain to visit our Authors tab for lots more information. Need a book discussion guide? Want to watch an interview with an author? Looking for a link to an author’s official webpage? Want to present a booktalk to your students to encourage them to read a particular title? All these items and more are listed for each of the visiting authors.

Additional Resources

  • Book Fest brochure - This brochure prints on 8 1/2" x 11" paper and is double-sided.
  • TBF Poster - This poster prints on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
  • TBF Poster - This poster prints on 11" x 17" paper.
  • TBF One Book Recommendations - We asked each of our authors if readers only have time to read one of their books before TBF, which one should they read and why. This is that list! It prints on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, double sided.
  • TBF Book List - This is a list of titles for each author including ISBNs. For some authors, this is not an exhaustive list, but represents most of their titles.
  • Book Spine Labels - To put on the books in your collection so readers know who our TBF authors are!
  • TBF Save the Date Bookmarks - These print up four to a page.
  • TBF Display Example - Brighton - Brighton High School is in the TBF spirit! Students and staff contributed to the design and QR codes are interspersed throughout, linking to various pages on the TBF website. Great job, BHS!

This Year's Authors and Books

  • Bruce Coville (download poster)
    • Aliens Ate My Homework
    • Cursed: Enchanted File Series (Book 1)
    • Hatched: Enchanted File Series (Book 2)
    • Trolled: Enchanted File Series (Book 3)
    • Armageddon Summer
  • Erin Forbes
    • Fire & Ice: The Elementals (Volume 1)
    • Fire & Ice: The Lost Dreamer
  • Margaret Peterson Haddix (download poster)
    • Summer of Broken Things
    • Children of Exile: Children of Exile series (Book 1)
    • Children of Refuge: Children of Exile series (Book 2)
    • Found: Missing series (Book 1)
    • Sent: Missing series (Book 2)
    • Sabotaged: Missing series (Book 3)
    • Torn: Missing series (Book 4)
    • Caught: Missing series (Book 5)
    • Risked: Missing series (Book 6)
    • Revealed: Missing series (Book 7)
    • Redeemed: Missing series (Book 8)
    • Among the Hidden: Shadow Children series (Book 1)
    • Among the Imposters: Shadow Children series (Book 2)
    • Among the Betrayed: Shadow Children series (Book 3)
    • Among the Barons: Shadow Children series (Book 4)
    • Among the Brave: Shadow Children series (Book 5)
    • Among the Enemy: Shadow Children series (Book 6)
    • Among the Free: Shadow Children series (Book 7)
    • Under Their Skin: Under Their Skin series (Book 1)
    • In Over Their Heads: Under Their Skin series (Book 2)
  • Ellen Hopkins (download poster)
    • Crank: Crank (Book 1)
    • Glass: Crank (Book 2)
    • Fallout: Crank (Book 3)
    • Identical
    • Impulse
    • Perfect
    • Rumble
    • Tilt
    • The You I've Never Known
  • Bill Konigsberg (download poster)
    • Honestly Ben: Openly Straight Series (Book 2)
    • Openly Straight: Openly Straight Series (Book 1)
    • The Porcupine of Truth
  • Barry Lyga (download poster)
    • Hocus Pocus: The Flash (Book 1)
    • Johnny Quick: The Flash (Book 2)
    • I Hunt Killers: Jasper Dent (Book 1)
    • Game: Jasper Dent (Book 2)
    • Blood of my Blood: Jasper Dent (Book 3)
    • The Secret Sea
  • Tamora Pierce (download poster)
    • Terrier: Beka Cooper (Book 1)
    • Bloudhound: Beka Cooper (Book 2)
    • Mastiff: Beka Cooper (Book 3)
    • Sandry's Book: Circle of Magic (Book 1)
    • Tris's Book: Circle of Magic (Book 2)
    • Daja's Book: Circle of Magic (Book 3)
    • Briar's Book: Circle of Magic (Book 4)
    • Wild Magic: The Immortals (Book 1)
    • Wolf-Speaker: The Immortals (Book 2)
    • Emperor Mage: The Immortals (Book 3)
    • The Realms of the Gods: The Immortals (Book 4)
    • Tempests and Slaughter: The Numair Chronicles (Book 1)
    • First Test: The Protector of the Small (Book 1)
    • Page: The Protector of the Small (Book 2)
    • Squire: The Protector of the Small (Book 3)
    • Lady Knight: The Protector of the Small (Book 4)
    • Alanna: The First Adventure: The Song of the Lioness (Book 1)
    • In the Hands of the Goddess: The Song of the Lioness (Book 2)
    • The Woman Who Rides Like a Man: The Song of the Lioness (Book 3)
    • Lioness Rampant: The Song of the Lioness (Book 4)
    • Tortall: A Spy's Guide
    • Trickster's Choice: Daughter of the Lioness (Book 1)
    • Trickster's Queen: Daughter of the Lioness (Book 2)