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Visit our Schedule tab to find out what times and where the TBF authors will be presenting at Frontier Field. 

Be certain to visit our Authors tab for lots more information. Need a book discussion guide? Want to watch an interview with an author? Looking for a link to an author’s official webpage? Want to present a booktalk to your students to encourage them to read a particular title? All these items and more are listed for each of the visiting authors.

Additional Resources

This Year's Authors and Books

  • Alex Aster (download poster)
    • Lightlark: Lightlark Series (Book 1)
    • Curse of the Night Witch: Emblem Island Series (Book 1)
    • Curse of the Forgotten City: Emblem Island Series (Book 2)
  • Sona Charaipotra (download poster)
    • How Maya Got Fierce
    • The Rumor Game
    • Tiny Pretty Things: Tiny Pretty Things Series (Book 1)
    • Shiny Broken Pieces: Tiny Pretty Things Series (Book 2)
  • Falynn Koch (download poster)
    • The National Parks: Preserving America's Wild Places: History Comics Series
    • Plagues: The Microscopic Battlefield: Science Comics Series
    • Bake Like a Pro!: Maker Comics Series
  • Claire Legrand (download poster)
    • Extasia
    • Furyborn: Empirium Series (Book 1)
    • Kingsbane: Empirium Series (Book 2)
    • Lightbringer: Empirium Series (Book 3)
  • Katherine Locke (download poster)
    • This Rebel Heart
    • The Girl with the Red Balloon: (The Balloonmakers Series (Book 1)
    • The Spy with the Red Balloon: (The Balloonmakers Series (Book 2)
  • G. Neri (download poster)
    • Grand Theft Horse
    • Ghetto Cowboy: Ghetto Cowboy Series (Book 1)
    • Polo Cowboy: Ghetto Cowboy Series (Book 2)
  • Michael Northrop (download poster)
    • Teen Titans Go!: Undead?!
    • Trapped
    • Dear Justice League: Dear DC Series (Book 1)
    • Dear DC Super-Villians: Dear DC Series (Book 2)