GRTBF Values

In 2019, members of the Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival Board, the Planning Committee and a select group of featured authors gathered together to discuss the fundamental priorities of the organization. From this work, four statements were developed to illustrate the core values of the Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival. These value statements are offered here to illustrate both its vision and purpose.

Teens-First: GRTBF Inc. is committed to creating engaging, literacy-rich opportunities designed specifically with the reading, writing, and creative interests of teens at the forefront.

Inclusivity: GRTBF Inc. strives to maintain a climate of equity and fairness in all of its policies and practices in order to foster a diverse and inclusive community dedicated to celebrating literacy in all its forms.

Transformational: GRTBF Inc. is dedicated to providing life-affirming experiences that inspire teens and other members of the TBF community in ways that support their academic, social, and emotional growth. We aim to transform all participants’ views of themselves, their relationships with others, and their sense of place and potential in the world.

Stewardship: GRTBF Inc. takes an active role in protecting and elevating the voices and creative potential of young people across the Greater Rochester area now and through the years to come.

Approved 9.25.19