• Donate to Teen Book Fest through your company’s annual United Way Campaign.
  • About 300 fantastic volunteers make TBF great. Join us for the experience of a lifetime!
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  • TBF kicks off with a parade and the authors' red carpet walk. Can't you just hear the screaming fans?


The Teen Book Fest, an annual event promoting teen reading, is made possible by business sponsorships and donations from individuals like you.

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About TBF

Teens can sometimes be overlooked in libraries, with much attention, money, and resources given to children and adults. Somewhat caught in the middle of budgetary constraints, this is our opportunity to dedicate an event to teens, to encourage their reading, and to demonstrate their value to and within our communities. And…to have fun!


Support and celebrate recreational teen reading, and promote spreading the enjoyment of reading to others.


Entertain, educate, and enrich teens and other Festival participants.

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2000 Expected Teens for 2016
Some people claim that teens don’t read! TBF proves them all wrong. Come experience what authors have started calling the Rock Concert of Teen Lit!
300 Volunteers
TBF could not happen without hundreds of volunteers helping to make the day run smoothly. Each year we rely on the energy of over 200 teen and 100 adult volunteers. We have to come call this TBF...
32 Awesome Author Attendees
We have authors coming in from all over the country – and Canada – and the UK! TBF has gone international!
11 Years in the Making
And still FREE to attend!
Best festival, best authors, best attendees, best organizers, best sponsors! Rochester Teen Book Festival, I love you so much I want to marry you! Please let me come back again.
Lisa McMann

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