Stephanie Squicciarini

Stephanie will forever be the librarian godmother of young adult literature. Her raucous example of love for teen readers inspires me every day.

Laurie Halse Anderson

Author, TBF Attendee

I first met Stephanie at ALA when I was a brand-new author. I didn't know anyone in the world of YA literature, but Stephanie made me feel welcome and valued and supported in ways few others have. The two times I've been a guest at TBF have been high points of my career, because of the incredible amount of time and care and love that Stephanie put into it. Stephanie was bright, funny, and generous, and she could make things happen in ways that still blow my mind. I miss her.

James Kennedy

Author, TBF Attendee

I struggle immensely to find the words to describe my dear friend Stephanie. She had an intense passion that could not be contained. The reason everything Stephanie touched was so successful is due to her innate ability to make each person from teen to author to vendor to volunteer -- to friend -- feel so valued and special. She was the queen of chocolates and chicken-scratched handwritten notes; she schooled us all on how to fold a brochure; she shopped for the perfect gift for every author, every person; she had a wickedly funny sense of humor; and her personality was as vibrant as her curly red hair. I miss her all the time.

Beth Puckett

Founding Member of TBF