TBF 2021 planning is in the works, information below will be updated when it comes available.

Getting There By Bus

If you plan to bring a bus of students to TBF, you must complete a TBF Bus Form.  Once you submit your bus form, we will send specific directions regarding where the bus must enter campus, drop off students, and park.

It is imperative that you follow the directions we send you rather than directions from Google Maps.

Chaperoning your students is up to you. We suggest making sure your students have the mobile number of an adult in your group in case they need to reach you during TBF.

Ideas for Managing Your Group

1.  Design a t-shirt for your group that everyone wears.  A number of school and library groups create t-shirts with puffy paint or other "teen craft ideas" which then they wear to identify themselves easily in the crowds.   [This also is great for group photos if you plan on taking any while you are there during the day.]

2.  Plan the day before getting to campus.   Make time on the bus ride, if not before, for the teens to look through the schedule and see if there are naturally "small groups" who want to see the same authors.   This helps the teens to develop a "schedule" for the day.    Be aware though, sessions can fill up quickly, so people should have a plan B for each session.  The official schedule for the day will be posted on the website in the coming weeks.
3.  Designate a meeting spot and a firm time limit for gathering together at the end of the day.     If the weather is nice,  many bus leaders instruct their students to meet them at a designated time outside of the Shults Center on the walking path.   Another common plan is for groups to designate a spot in the Shults gymnasium where the group will meet and then head back to the bus together as a large group.